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Richford Fire Department

Established in 1889

Richford Fire Department

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On going Events

In celebration with the 125th year of the fire department, we will be selling t-shirts and sweatshirts.

The Richford Fire Department would like to thank those that help donate towards the purchase of our newer ladder Truck. The newer ladder truck is a 1987 Pierce 105 foot ladder.

We are continuing with a few fund raisers to raise the money to purchase a newer equipment.

Metal Collection

This will be continued all year long

If you have any junk steel, furnaces, metal appliances, wire, vehicles, cans, any steel, copper, or aluminum  that you would like to donate. If you have anything call 848-7711 or 848-3402 and leave a message. No TVs or non metal things please. We will pick up your metal for a monetory donation.

Bottle Drive

Because of the great response, this will be ongoing.

If you have any bottles that you would like to donate, you can either drop them off at the fire station or call 848-7711 and leave a message and we will come and pick them up.



$15.00 EACH

Contact Stewart Guyette @ 848-3402


Sign specifications: 100% US aluminum

– laminated with 3M engineer grade vinyl.

– highly visible day or night

– reflective material on both sides

– fade resistant, last for years

– pre-drilled holes -rounded corners – easy to install

House Markers

– white with blue 3″ numbers

– 5″ x 14″

. – 2 mounting holes

Post/Mailbox Markers

– blue with white 3″ numbers

– 6″ x 18″

– 4 mounting holes

If you pick up your mail at a P.O. Box,

you can place a post in your yard or by

your driveway and put as address sign on it.

 List of Members


                                                                  Chief  FFII                    Ken Pigeon

                                                                  1st Asst. Chief FFI         Paul Martin

                                                                  2nd Asst. Chief             Dale Pigeon

                                                                  Captain                        Stewart J Guyette

                                                                  Firefighter  I                  Andy Pond

                                                                  Firefighter                     Ray Sylva

                                                                  CADET                          Rebecca Russin

                                                                  CADET                          Nikita Wetherby

                                                                  Firefighter                     Stephen Russin Jr.

                                                                  Firefighter                     Arthur Pond

                                                                  Firefighter                     Jim Guilmette

                                                                  Honorary Member          M.Hayden Janes

                                                                  Firefighter I                   Jeremy Paquette

                                                                  Firefighter                     Thomas Chiaravalle

                                                                  Firefighter I                   Brandon Mercy

                                                                  Firefighter I/ HR             Devin Lumbra

                                                                  Firefighter                     Shelby Paquette

                                                                  Firefighter                     Tim Paquette

                                                                  CADET                          Rachel Marcoux

                                                                  Firefighter                     Kenneth Lavalla

                                                                  Firefighter                     Lance Carr

                                                                  Firefighter I                   Brian Rollins

                                                                  CADET                          Nick Pond

                                                                  CADET                          Richard Hoy

                                                                  Firefighter                     Joey Arbuckle

                                                                  Firefighter                     Joseph Marcoux

                                                                  Chaplin                         Dean Perry

Burning Fireman

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